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Install Kubernetes and run minikuber on your local, and deploy spring cloud on kubernetes.

How to install Docker on WSL2 https://blog.sevendark.cn/tec/Docker/

Install kubectl On Linux


kubectl reference https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/generated/kubectl/kubectl-commands

Install Minikube


Enable Ingress

Enable ingress

minikube addons enable ingress

if enable failed, add proxy How to config ssh proxy https://blog.sevendark.cn/tec/SSH/#ssh-use-proxy

Open tunnel, Need keep this command alive

minikube tunnel

then make sure your ingress config bind on host: localhost, and access them by localhost


Kubernetes Compontents

  • Service


  • Ingress


Some command

check the logs

-n means namespace

kubectl logs --selector=app=zoomservice --tail 1 -n eb-services-qa

get the pod status

kubectl describe pod  zoomservice-5bd9b8d5bb-8xsbf -n eb-services-qa

get all things status in this namespace

kubectl get all --namespace=eb-services-qa

get ingress status

kubectl get ingress -n eb-services-qa